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About Us

Petition PA is owned and operated by Tom Campione, a former Pennsylvania resident and dedicated Constitutionalist who is deeply involved with multiple grassroots organizations. Our 'Petition' team recognizes that most Conservative and Libertarian groups do not have the tools that they really need to effectively lobby lawmakers within the geographic borders of the area that they cover.
We also recognize that if an organization is to hold political power, it must be able to demonstrate to lawmakers that it can influence its members and get them to act on a particular issue. Doing so implies that the organization can directly influence how their members vote.
The problem that most organizations face is that their members don't know who their state lawmakers are, never mind how to contact them. Petition PA solves that problem. An organization only needs to distribute a petition flyer that we create for you. Our system figures out who the petition signer's lawmakers are and emails them, with one simple click.
To get your custom petition, simply Create an Account and add a petition.