Empowering Families in Education

PA residents only: When you complete the form below, the following email will be sent to your PA House Rep, PA Senator, the four House & Senate Majority Leaders and the House and Senate Education Committee Chairs. That's 8 emails sent to lawmakers, for each person who signs.
Email To Be Sent On Your Behalf: As a Pennsylvania voter, I implore you to protect the innocence of our children who attend public school. It is totally inappropriate for teachers, or others in the school system, to discuss gender identity or sexual orientation with our children. Instead, schools must reinforce the fundamental right of the parent or legal guardian to make decisions regarding the child and encourage a student to discuss such issues with the parent or legal guardian.

Therefore, I expect my state Senator to sponsor SB1278 and vote yes. Further, I expect the Education Committee Chairs and Leadership in both houses to move this bill quickly. And, I expect my House Rep to vote yes when it arrives for a floor vote.

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